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Non-fiction authors review MindStir Media’s self-publishing services.

Self-Publishing Review from

Received a fantastic positive review from Here’s an excerpt:


I’m a published author myself and I’ve been through the ups and downs of having to find a publishing house willing to take on my first novel. Ever since then, I’ve learned that I can harness the power of the online medium in order to find self-publishing platforms which allow for a much more flexible approach to publishing your work when you know it deserves to be published. And among the best self-publishing platforms out there, there’s MindStir Media which offers great services at affordable prices which can meet just about anyone willing to publish something in the middle… Read the rest of this MindStir Media review

Joan Johnson, self publishing company praise

Joan Johnson, author of The Healing Art of Sports Massage, loved working with MindStir Media. She posted this kind comment on Facebook to let everyone know that she was thankful to the self publishing company:

Cameron Conaway, self publishing review

Cameron Conaway is an award-winning poet, the Executive Editor at The Good Men Project, and a contributor at The Huffington Post. He was happy to provide a positive review based on his publishing experience with us. We helped him publish his book, Caged, under his own self publishing imprint, Threed. Here’s his positive review:

“I came to J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media with a complex and stressful situation regarding the publication of my book. With confidence and consistency, J.J. helped navigate me through what options I may have both within and outside of his company. He did this all well before I made a commitment or payment to him. … J.J.’s willingness to genuinely help, and the promptness with which he did (he often responded regardless of what hour I sent him an email, and this says something considering I am living in Thailand) allowed me to see that he is a good man who puts his morals before his business. As an online college professor, I can attest to the importance of “virtual visibility” and I can say that J.J. was always visible and always responsive in every step of the book publishing process … I’ve experienced his tenacity and work ethic, his open-mindedness and empathy. I entered the self-publishing game scared and critical, but through my experience with J.J. and MindStir Media I was able to expand my perspective and develop a newfound appreciation for the field … I highly recommend J.J. Hebert and the team at MindStir Media for anybody who has a story to tell.”

Chere Harris, Christian book publishers USA review

Chere Harris selected MindStir Media, Christian book publishers USA, to publish her inspirational book, Waiting on God’s Promises.

“From the time I was a young girl I have always enjoyed writing short stories and poems but I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have a book published one day. I am so glad I came across MindStir Media book publishing because they helped make my writing dream become a reality. From the beginning they worked with me making sure I understood the process and took me step by step as they turned my writings into a beautiful paperback book. I was assigned Ali, who was excellent with taking care of my every concern with prompt responses making sure I was completely satisfied with the results. Mr. Hebert was also extremely helpful with taking the time to personally mentor me on the best avenues to take for marketing my book to get the best results. I highly recommend every author who desires to have their book published to work with the professional staff at MindStir Media because I was completely satisfied with the process and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Joy Stinson, Christian book publisher review

Joy Stinson came to Christian book publisher MindStir Media with a startling true story on spiritual warfare. Not longer after the book had been made available she appeared on Destination America TV. Her review below:

“I was totally ignorant about the publishing industry, therefore, I researched many companies before choosing book publishing company MindStir Media. I felt comfortable discussing my plans and intentions regarding my controversial true story of spiritual warfare with J.J. Hebert [president of MindStir Media]. He gave sound and honest advice. J.J., as well as the editor, was more than patient with my lack of computer skills, as it took several attempts to email the draft to MindStir … MindStir remained calm and produced a professional end product. I would recommend MindStir to any new author because I couldn’t have done this without their support and assistance.”

William May, book publisher review

William May’s book was a pleasure to publish. He had worked with a very large book publisher for his first book but chose a smaller publisher in MindStir for his second book, Once Upon a Crisis. See his review below:

“For me, writing the book — Once Upon a Crisis — was the easy part. Choosing the right publisher was far more difficult. I was fortunate that I chose MindStir Media to publish [this] second book. The printing process in today’s world of self publishing is pretty straight forward, but what has significantly changed within the past eighteen months is how a book becomes known in the marketplace. You can write the best book ever but if your audience doesn’t find your book among the thousands that are out there, it won’t sell. MindStir uses social media marketing technology and techniques to help you achieve success. The short of all this is you engage your readers so they seek out your book. The market place has changed considerably, and fortunately for me, I chose a publisher that has changed with it. The best decision I made about writing Once Upon a Crisis was choosing MindStir Media to publish it. My only regret is that I didn’t publish my first book with them.”

Dr. Suneel Dhand, M.D.

“A first-class experience. Having decided not to go the “traditional” publishing route or wanting one of the bigger cookie cutter companies, I was not disappointed. J.J. Hebert and his team at MindStir were outstanding throughout the entire process. The one-to-one service is excellent, with rapid responses to any questions or requests. It was obvious from the beginning that as a writer himself, J.J. truly cares about your project, and it was great to be able to communicate with him directly at any time. I would certainly recommend MindStir to anyone who wants a professional, high-quality and friendly publishing experience.” –Suneel Dhand, M.D., author of High Percentage Wellness Steps

Donald Kitain, Self Publishing Service Review

Donald Kitain reviews MindStir Media’s self publishing services below:

“There are many self-publishing book sites available. I researched them all. MindStir Media was everything it claimed to be and more. Excellent service at a reasonable price. Not only did the book look just as good as any you will find in the library or bookstore, but the service J.J. Hebert provided was what I expected…helpful criticism, useful advice and prompt replies to any questions or concerns … I had nearly fifty pictures in the book and they all looked wonderful. And, there was no extra charge to include pictures, like most sites seem to do. I have already recommended MindStir Media to two other writers. I would not have done so without first experiencing an extremely positive relationship.”

Will Montgomery, Christian Book Publishers Review

Will Montgomery, author of The Polar Bear, reviewed MindStir Media in 2011. He had many Christian book publishers to choose from but ultimately chose MindStir Media and he was glad he did, based on the review below:

“MindStir Media is the ONLY choice when it comes to publishing your manuscript. The courtesy, attention to detail, and overall warmth exhibited by J. J. Hebert and his staff are second to none. I am so deeply moved and honored to be working with them…”

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