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Children’s book authors review MindStir Media and its children’s book publishing division.

MindStir Media author Lynn Rosenblatt awarded silver from latest literary competition

Mindstir Media author Lynn RosenblattLynn Rosenblatt, a MindStir Media author who published Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet and reviewed MindStir Media a couple years ago, has won the silver medal in the 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Here at MindStir Media LLC, we’re extremely proud to add Lynn’s book to our list of award-winners. Congrats!

Voula Christopoulos loves her illustrator at Mindstir Media

Voula has been working with MindStir Media on her upcoming children’s book. We assigned Jason as her illustrator and she and Jason have been very happy working together. In fact, just recently Voula gave a very positive statement regarding Jason: “Jason is doing an EXCELLENT job … Jason is very talented. He understood what I wanted, and was very kind and professional …”

Voula’s book should hit shelves later this year.


Jordan Weiner reviews our ghostwriting service

Jordan approached us in 2015 with several children’s book ideas but he needed a ghostwriter to take the ideas to the next level. He hired one of our ghostwriters and was thrilled with the outcome:

“The writing is absolutely wondeful… this work brings tears to my eyes it is so wonderfully taking our idea and bringing it to life… this is really outstanding!  I LOVE it… THANK YOU for exceeding my expectations…”


The Bumpy Dirt Road by Therese Grant

“The book proof arrived today and it really looks great! Maria came to my house and we give this a “good to go to print” thumbs up!

Please give the team a big thank you from me and Maria. We would not consider going anywhere else to have our work published. Everyone at MindStir Media involved with the publication of our book treated us like we were the only clients. The attention to detail, patience, kind replies to our endless emails and quick responses were very much appreciated.

Maria and I look forward to working with you and the team on “The Long Ride,” the next book in our series.”

–Therese Grant, author of The Adventures of Amy and Sue: The Bumpy Dirt Road

The Ornament’s Story by Elizabeth Eckel

Elizabeth Eckel is working with her daughter, Diana Mooremeans, to publish The Ornament’s Story. A short time ago they received the final electronic proof for the layout design of the children’s book. Diana chimed in and said, “It’s just wonderful! Let’s go forward with it to be published! Thank you for all of your help. Have a great day.”

The book will available by the end of Oct. Buy it for your holiday season!

This author published another book with MindStir Media in December 2014 as well. It’s entitled The Christmas Tree.

Alvin Stops the Bully by Harold McAdams

“J.J. Hebert, President at MindStir Media and talented staff at MindStir Media: Vision, Leadership and Professional… I am very pleased and happy with your services…

My manuscript, Alvin Stops the Bully: An idea came to me, I wrote it down, and then I re-wrote it. I balled it up and threw it away, until I decided to go ahead … and send it in. I was so hesitant while I was writing to say that “I am writing a book”… Thank you all for believing in my work.” –Harold McAdams, author of Alvin Stops the Bully

Juju’s Big Surprise by Tanja Huston

“The entire process of self-publishing was my first rodeo.  Mindstir Media was nothing less than exceptional.  Their team of professional, skilled and friendly staff was evident from beginning to end.  We collaborated so well during the illustration process and the timely, ongoing communication helped move by book way ahead of its anticipated completion date.  Overall, I am extremely pleased with my first book.”  – Tanja Huston, author of Juju’s Big Surprise!

Rockin’ Rollin’ Alphabet by Lynn Rosenblatt

“It is with great pride and pleasure that I send this testimonial and acknowledgment to the staff of MINDSTIR MEDIA, with a special “Thank You” to President, J.J. Hebert for his professional availability and consultation!  As the designer of the children’s book,ROCKIN’-ROLLIN’ ALPHABET, it was crucial to have vibrant color and print ~ the quality was superb ~The “teddy bears” thank you!!  The Author Representatives and Graphics Designers were extremely caring and helpful with all my needs for detailed artwork, revisions to text, and Media/marketing advice and connections. I highly recommend MINDSTIR MEDIA to any budding author in need of a professional publisher! My visual artistic dream is ready for the world to see!”

Lynn Rosenblatt, author of Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet

Mindstir Media author Pamela Appleman

Pamela Appleman contacted us in late 2013. She had written her manuscript for Copper Becomes a Farm Dog, but she needed professional illustrations and help with self-publishing. We built an expert team around her, including a project manager, children’s book illustrator, book designer and mentor. Her book was successfully published and we are continuing to help her with marketing. Below is her review.

“Working with J.J. Hebert and the MindStir Media staff has been an absolute pleasure. This was my first encounter with publishing and I am so glad that I chose them to work with. They made the entire process so easy for me and did exactly what I wanted. Every aspect of the process was fine tuned to my liking and the price was affordable for even my tight budget. I highly recommend their service!” –Pamela J. Appleman, author of Copper Becomes a Farm Dog

Self-Publishing Review from

Received a fantastic positive review from Here’s an excerpt:


I’m a published author myself and I’ve been through the ups and downs of having to find a publishing house willing to take on my first novel. Ever since then, I’ve learned that I can harness the power of the online medium in order to find self-publishing platforms which allow for a much more flexible approach to publishing your work when you know it deserves to be published. And among the best self-publishing platforms out there, there’s MindStir Media which offers great services at affordable prices which can meet just about anyone willing to publish something in the middle… Read the rest of this MindStir Media review

Sheila Bittick, children’s book publishing review

Here at MindStir Media, our goal for children’s book authors is to make childrens book publishing easy and affordable. The first thing we do is build a team around the children’s book author. In Sheila Bittick’s case, we assigned Miranda as her author representative (i.e. project manager). Justin was assigned as Sheila’s illustrator and book designer. J.J. Hebert, owner of children’s book publishers MindStir Media, offered Sheila guidance as her mentor. This ongoing mentorship includes help with book marketing. Here is Sheila’s review for MindStir Media:

“Thank you, Mindstir Media, for taking such excellent care of me. J.J. was always there when I needed him! Wow, Justin, your illustrations were awesome! You brought Jeremy’s Great Escape to life for me. Thank you, Miranda, for taking the time to promptly return my Emails and answering all my questions no matter how small they were. I am so proud to be involved with such a great organization. I look forward to working with you in the future!”

Toni Tuso Faber, children’s book publishing review

Toni Tuso Faber has published 13 children’s picture books with MindStir Media. She came to MindStir with over a dozen manuscripts and with the help of our children’s book publishing services she now has over a dozen published books. Each one was illustrated by a professional children’s book illustrator. Here’s her review:

“J.J. Hebert [president of MindStir Media] is nothing short of a genius in the publishing world! He has been supportive, informative and creative on the Poodle Tales project. We are thrilled to have him at our helm.”

Cheryl Bloser, bestselling children’s book author

MindStir met with Cheryl Bloser a few years ago. She had written several books but was unsure how to get them illustrated and published. After the initial meeting, MindStir assigned a professional childrens book illustrator to Cheryl and her first book, Little Mouse and the Muddy Feet. Within several months Cheryl had a completed book in her hands, with professional illustrations! She’s even in the process of publishing her second book with MindStir Media, to be released in 2014. Here’s her positive review after publishing the first book:

MindStir Media has been a providential choice. The personal availability of working closely with the publisher not only with the creation of the book, but also with the marketing afterwards has made publishing my first book an outstanding experience. J.J. Hebert has made sure that there is a high professional quality to all aspects of the editing, illustrating and production of my children’s book for which I am grateful. The feedback of people looking at my book — including people who have worked with other publishing companies in the past — has been very favorable. I am so glad MindStir Media was referred to me from a fellow author! I in turn have recommended MindStir to the new authors I am now meeting. Thank you, J.J. Hebert and the staff, for everything you have done to help me bring my book from a story in a notebook to a book being enjoyed in the marketplace. I am looking forward to publishing again with MindStir Media!”